We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience in applied machine learning on neuroimaging and behavioural data.

Dr. H.G. (Hugo) Schnack

Assistant Professor

As a physicist in a multidisciplinary environment, I enjoy creating mathematical models to understand the relationships between human brain and behavior in health and disease.


Prof. dr. W. (Wiepke) Cahn

Full Professor

Wiepke Cahn is vice-president of the Dutch Psychiatric Association. She has authored more than 200 papers and book chapters and has been chief editor of ‘handboek schizofrenie’. Her non-research-based activities consist of treating patients and their families with psychotic and bipolar disorders.


Wilma Swildens


Wilma Swildens has been a lecturer in Interprofessional Care in GGZ at Inholland University of Applied Sciences since October 2018 . Within the domain of Health, Sport and Welfare, she conducts research into area-oriented, interprofessional care for people with severe mental disorders and how this can contribute to empowerment and recovery. Wilma is part of the Center of Expertise Prevention in Care & Welfare


Russel Cummins

Inventor, poet, expert by experience, motorcyclist, father, skydiver, dancer, are just some of the things I do today for pleasure and the maintenance of my body, mind and spirit. Working within mental health care is what I want to do with my time, so because of my inner motivation and motivation, this feels different than working because I have to; I do this because I want to do it.


Dr. Seyed Mostafa Kia

Postdoc Researcher

I am interested in solving difficult problems in neuroimaging data analysis using machine learning techniques.

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Violet van Dee

PhD Candidate

Combining my clinical work as a psychiatrist in training with a phd-program I have a passion for patient-oriënted research; engaging patients as partners, focusing on patient-identified priorities and improving patient outcomes.

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Daniël van Opstal

PhD Candidate

I will be a psychiatrist with a PhD someday.

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